Keep your money. I want CHANGE.

This is how I will answer the question from now on, even after the election.

"J, what time is it?"
* as I check my cellphone
"It's Obama time" OR “Hmm..It’s 15 minutes past Obama."

lol Just like that, serious as hell. Because Obama is the truth and McCain/Repubs...ha where DO I begin on McCain and his sidekick "maverick" Sarah Barracuda and Bush? In the last few months I’ve been running into a grip of angry, ignorant right-wingers. Some have accused me of only voting for Barack because he is black, while others think he isn't qualified because he is "Muslim, communist/socialist, that pals around with terrorist", and then they believe I have fallen prey to the "liberal media elite". Well Im sick of this divisive, "Im scared of Muslims" shit, so let us begin...

1) I do not base my vote on race, age, sex, or religion because discrimination is SO played out. And besides, this "crazy race factor" is NOTHING new to black people or minorities because we have been voting for a white man since we COULD vote. Black Americans have voted about 90% Democratic since 64' (since you know, Repubs didn’t support that whole "civil rights" thing, ehh, no big). It's ironic because black people never complained or didn’t vote for a candidate because he wasn’t black but now, in 2008, it's the deciding factor for thousands of Americans. And I didn’t hear people bitching about Romney’s overwhelming Mormon support or Hilary's overwhelming support from women. This isn’t a new phenomenon, it happened with JFK too. People like to support their own so stop complaining about black people supporting another black man, who also happens to be the best candidate.

2) Someone PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION! When did it become okay to completely stereotype an entire people and/or religion as terrorist or un-American? And in 2008?!!! But regardless, it pisses me off how some people act as if Islam is the root of all evil. As if being Muslim, disqualifies a person from becoming President in the U.S But let’s not forget that some of the most evil acts in the world were committed by Christians who tried to use Christianity to “excuse” their actions including the Holocaust, slavery and the Crusades. But no, we don’t go around stereotyping Christians as being “evil” based on their religion and it's because Christians are the majority in the U.S. It's bogus to judge Muslims based off of one crazy ass who calls himself Muslim when he is really going against the core principles of Islam. I’m not excusing the actions of “Osama and pals” but if people judged Christianity solely on the actions of our most radical and evil followers, I would be pissed.
Christians need to remember our past and realize that every religion has evil followers who act in the name of their God. Christians have no exclusive lock on virtue. Also, people are feeding off of our fears from 9/11 and calling “Islam the greatest threat to America” and it’s bs. One of the greatest threats is when people are so scared of having the patriot police knock on their door or afraid that they might be viewed as “unpatriotic” and they willingly give away their freedoms. That whole “give me liberty or give me death” is a thing that is slowly creeping away from the American mindset thanks to fears of terrorist which the Bush administration has taken of advantage of. And the Oklahoma City Bombing was the deadliest attack on America before 9/11 and people weren't stereotyping every Christian white dude as a terrorist but now it's different. Arabs and/or Muslims have been run through the mud during this election and it is SO sad. But what is even sadder, it's that people hear these comments and think its okay. I am Christian and this whole judgment thing is NOT cute.

3) The idea that the entire media community is out to attack Republicans cracks me up. The Bush administration lied to the US about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the media, back in 2001-2003, threw away the Code of Ethics handbook and was too afraid of having the “patriot police” aka the social right knock on their door. The media, including trusted journalism, did NOTHING to stop it and got most of their information from the state department, Bush administration, and the Pentagon! Bush used McCarty style scare tactics in order to back up this bullshit of a war that is now spilling into Syria and Pakistan. Only instead of Communism, Bush uses terrorism and instead of black listing you, they call you an “un-American” or a “Muslim”.

I'd feel alot safer with Obama/Biden as my president and vice anyway. Bush didnt do anything to prevent 9/11 and McCains crazy ass seems angry all the time while Palin doesnt know what the flip she is doing.

I cant wait until these mu fuggas are out of the White House.


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