That's all I can say.

"Why wasn't he one of the Freshman 10? Its okay cause he's gonna be the Valedictorian."
-me, Jai

below, a note I wrote Sept. 2008

"Aubrey DRAKE Graham aka THAT nigga."

I’m about to sound like every indie kid you’ve ever talked to. “I’ve been a fan for years now, I’ve known about him since like 2004.” Yeah, but it’s the truth. Before he was wheel-chair Jimmy on DeGrassi, before the MySpace, before the mixtapes, I knew this guy was nice on the mic. (And yeah, I was a Degrassi-head, and? lol) It was back in 2004 when DeGrassi did this little follow the actors home, meet their family and show you what they do outside the show (I think it was called DeGrassi Unscripted anywho). Typical stuff, until Aubrey showed us the notebooks full of lyrics and got on the mic. I couldn’t believe it. First, of all I thought he was gonna try to sing and then it was like what?! The light skinned Jewish-black boy with the fucked up haircut (lol, sorry but come on, dude was rocking like an afro-fade) could actually rap, and not “bitch, pop that vagina” rap, but actually some intelligent, dope stuff. He's not on some, let me throw on a fake accent to appeal to the hood or yeah I have sex twice a day during the week and five times on the weekends type ish. He’s not trying to be something he’s not, he has a unique sound, and he is just real (which is appreciated considering the market is flooded with these fake dudes who swear they too gangsta). And now like 4 years since that DeGrassi show, 3 years since he started putting his music up and 2, 3 mixtapes later he is only getting started. Then my sister and I realized something. Damn. People are gonna start riding his dick, hard. And for some reason I’m hella protective (that made me sound like a groupie hoe, lol, but not like that). Lol We know he deserves all the fame and fortune but can’t he just get famous in like Tanzania? Lol It’s hard to explain. Kinda like that dope indie band, who has a loyal and strong underground following but then goes mainstream and loses a little swag when trying to be too Hollywood( Fall Out Boy fans know what I’m talking bout). They just aren’t the same. And then you have all the fans who didn’t believe they were dope until they had a video on MTV and some fly clothes on. I just hope that doesn’t happen with Drake esp. since with his string of Wayne songs. I mean, of course, Wayne is my nigga but I hope Wayne doesn’t rub off on him TOO much(let's hope it's the other way around). We will see though. All I know is I can’t wait to go to one of his concerts and wild the flip out.

sidebar: And why are all the dopest artist Canadian? Between him and Esthero I’m ready to make another trip to the great north. lol Who's coming with me?



  1. Omg i know how you feel!! dats when i found out he was a rapper on degrassi unscripted..the 1st song i heard by him was "City is mine" && now im mad excited dat he is finally gettin recognized but now its like damn..ppl gon b real hype on him..he not gonna b dat exclusive nemore..

  2. Good.Im happy my sister and I aren't the only ones who feel that way. lol And then I hate the dudes who act like they been on him for ages knowing good as well they wouldn't have paid any attention to Drake if Wayne wasn't on him(as they drop random Drizz-ly lines on their facebook status....haha)

  3. lmao @ the "afro fade" and "bitch, pop that vagina". I LOVE DRAKE. But I just recently started listening to him. AND NOT BECAUSE OF WAYNE, 'cause I don't even listen to Wayne like that anymore. I heard him in '07 on Replacement Girl and I thought he was hot then.

  4. yeah im one of the original drake fans (pre-wayne), been watchin him on tv since like '06, been listenin since he dropped room for improvement.

    its been nice followin his career since the come-up cuz i can honestly say i been there through it all, from beginning to end`

  5. I remember I saw that DeGrassi Unscripted ep when it first aired, too, and I couldn't believe he was a rapper.

    I didn't start listening to him until the summer of 2007 after I saw Replacement Girl on The-N, and since he was my favorite DeGrassi characters I went to check him out (I was on a "hip-hop hiatus" for a while at that point, lol), but the boy got me back into hip-hop. Room for Improvement blew my mind. I didn't know hip-hop could be that intelligent, for real.

    I can't front and say I followed him from the start, but I definitely feel you on this post. And word, after Ransom I started getting upset with all the fans jumping out of nowhere, lol.

  6. I feel JUST LIKE YOU!!! I hate sharing my music, & was hopin drake wouldnt get that big (really selfish lol) but I hate the fact that I'm 1 of the few ppl thats been followin him since the beginning & now since wayne jumps on a couple of songs everybody wanna love him now. lol its sooooo annoyin lol but funny at the same time. just hope he stays true to him & doesnt change cuz i love this guys music!

  7. WORD! Right after Ransom came out everybody wanted to be like "yo, I love Drake!" Well guess what, I've loved him for about 3 years now and you, my friend, are late. lol. I really dont want him to get too famous, I know he deserves it, but I love bumpin that exclusive stuff on my iPod where everybody goes "who is that?!" It just wont be the same..

  8. Yes! All Drizlets unite! lol

    And you guys realize after today, nothing is gonna be the same.

    It's like bittersweet.

  9. next on the agenda, coppin like 5-10 copies of the album, time to get a job for that sole purpose haha

  10. haha that album is gonna be insane! I cant wait to have it in my hands. It's supposed to be out this year but after this craziness ,let's just hope we dont have to wait another 2 years.lol

  11. just realized i had a comment on my blog that no one sees lol ...we see eye to on drizzy ...im gonna hate the way those band wagon niggas jump on like drizzy been they shit since degrassi ..BTW degrassi was my shit ...

  12. totally agree .. i love knowing who an artist is (drake included) before they really blow up, esp when people doubt them on the come up .. remember the "tell me lies" song he did with ashley. thats when i KNEW he should leave the degrassi days behind

  13. P.S. I made it to one of his concerts!
    It was his FIRST EVER USA solo show and we were front row.

    And believe, we wilded the eff out. lol

  14. hurumph. you called it, jai. it's crazy cuz we all saw it coming... damn near a year later and you can't even whisper the word 'drake' without somebody rolling up on you talking bout they been on it... shiiiiit. kinda wish i could just go back to the night SFG dropped lol that's definitely a night i'll NEVER forget.

  15. Me either!
    I was straight taking a test, checking OVO.com for that thing to drop!
    24 hours of no sleep trying to be the first one to hear it. lol