Mini Daddy.

And by "Mini" Daddy, I mean "Fucking Disturbing" Daddy.

It's apparent that this little Latino butterball is gonna be a star...
He has the best stylist in all of Mexico:
Aluminum neck chains, a boy's department puffy vest (when clearly, he should be rocking a men's department puffy vest) and the ever so stylish, Aeropostle t-shirt tucked inside his petite, Bugle Boy denim.
Mini Daddy also has the flyest backup dancers south of the Rio Grande, great lyrics that make it nearly impossible to heckle him with (because it doesnt sound like he's singing about his love for burritos, at all) and of course, he's got his bobble head, neck swivels down.

You better watch out Justin Bieber, cause Mini Daddy is it.
He's coming you; he's coming for all of us.

No, but seriously...
funniest shit I've seen this decade!

P.S. *Pops pelvis at computer...Yycheeeeah!


  1. hahaha the background sounds like someting out of a 1992 Ninentdo game...LOLOLOL!!!! A mess...