K2? No thanks.

Ok, so I kinda have formed an opinion about K2 and Spice and all the other synthetic THC products. After being all gung-ho for them since they are legal and don't show up on drug tests, now I definitely think people should leave them alone. I was doing a lot of research on the Internet about them, and it really just freaked me out!

I think the main problem is that it affects everyone differently and has no long term research to determine if they are even safe. I mean the package clearly says "Not for Human Consumption." That's probably because they KNOW it will eff a nigga up and they don't want to be held liable.

K2 will make you get high as hell, hallucinate and hear stuff that isn't there, jerk uncontrollably, get the munchies, laugh like a mad man, be confused, and it effs up your motor skills. Some of those effects are the same as if you were to be smoking weed, BUT when has weed sent anybody to the emergency room? When has weed dangerously increased your heart rate and blood pressure to the point where you may die?

Here are some comments from some folks that smoked K2 or the other synthetic stuff:
"Dude this shit is crazy.I was stupid and decided to smoke it. (alot) like 3 grams in 2 hours... I ended up in my underwear painting a picture on my wall and i shaved my head.Although this stuff gets you (REALLY) high i would not recommend smoking it at all.For one, there is no testing done on it you could be smoking cat shit flakes sprayed with cannabanoids for all you know.and another thing, I think this may be addictive, I mean just because its like pot whose to say its not addictive?"

"Just to put my two cents in, smoked spice for the firs time last night. Took about 3 goods hits. Thirty minutes later, I'm in the back of ambulance with my heart rate 2 times what it should be. My blood pressure up way too high. Very close to going into cardiac arrest. So, more power to those of you who can smoke it, but be careful."

"I live in upstate New York and as a big toker i was in my local headshop when the guy working there gave me a free sample of voodoo remix. I had heard of this stuff before but never was big on trying it. I smoked it out of my bong took like 6 rips and instantly felt it. At first it felt like a really strong bud high, however 15 minutes later i became very paranoid and could sware i heard demons inside me talking to me. On the other hand i went into numerous laughing seizures and could not stop giggling. Definatly need to try it again."

"I'm an avid pothead. Been smoking weed for close to 30 years now. Yesterday I tried some of this Herbal incense for the first time. Mr. Nice Guy. It came in a sealed 1 gram baggie for $19. Kinda put me off. I packed only a pinch in my bowl and smoked it with my wife. We got 2 decent hits a piece off it. After 5-8 mins, we were both stoned and feeling good. But I'm glad I didnt try to over do it from the get go, like I would with weed. The buzz I got was very intense. Close to a shroom buzz. It lasted about 1.5 - 2 hours. I can see how someone that smoked more of this than needed could feel some bad effects. Take the advice of others in this thread. Smoke this stuff in moderation, not like you would smoke weed. It's a chemical, and not much info on it either. I'll continue to smoke more of this product because of random testing in my work place. But it will always be in safe amounts."

"My boyfriend and I have smoked K3 at least 3 times in the past few months. Last night he offered me some "King Krypto." Immediately after taking 2 hits, and with no alcohol, medications, or other drugs in my system, I thought I was going to die. My face turned so pale I looked like a corpse, my lips turned chalk white, and my skin was freezing cold. I was not coherent. I was sure I was going to die. My heart was racing so fast that I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Suddenly I became very tired and just wanted to sleep, but fortunately my boyfriend fought to keep me awake. My boyfriend and his roommates called 911 and I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I spent the night in the isolation ward because I could not control the level of my voice or what I was saying, and I was yelling random things for 3 hours straight. DO NOT SMOKE THE FAKE STUFF. It is not worth it. please don't be stupid."

Also, there are reports that people are trying to produce "fake" versions of these synthetic drugs by basically putting a bunch of junk in the package and spraying it with miscellaneous chemicals. Just be careful about what you put in your body and what you smoke.

I'm sorry, but I'm not effing with it.
I'm super scared just reading these comments. I say if you wanna get high, get some weed.
At least marijuana has been around for eons, even though there isn't any research based on its long term effects.
The fact that weed is illegal is something yall are gonna just have to deal with, but in my opinion its better than taking your chances with K2.

And look at this dude and his girl.
High as kites!

I'm not gonna lie though, this video is funny as hell lol. It probably makes some of you wanna try it, but don't, I said! lol.
Honestly though, I just wanted to show you guys some of what I was reading on the Internet so yal could form your own opinions.
It's all about being informed. :)

P.S. This is a blog. It's not scientific fact. It's our OPINION. Do what you want with it.
I'm just putting my pennies in. :)

One love,


  1. i smoked a lot really fast. it was a horrible feeling. it felt like i kept falling asleep, and then jolting back to reality. everything was flashing and i couldn't control what i was saying. it was uncomfortable and i was freaking out. my friend ended up vomiting and going to the hospital because she did so much. it was an awful experience. i'll never be doing it again.

  2. smokedI smoked a fat joint of K2 my first time I was really high for about 10 minutes. After that the feeling is just like weed. I even smoked another small one with my cousin soon after then went home and smoked another. So I kept on smoking it for about a week (only smoked Raptor with J.O.B 1.5's). I went to buy more Raptor but my cousin talked ne into getting the Kryp2nite right.. so we went to her house and smoked out of a small glass bowl. I'd say I took about 4 medium hits because the shit was nasty, literally tasted like we were smoking poison. Anyways, my cousin left and I was BAKED, I was pacing around outside holding my chest. It didn't make me hallucinate but it was intense. Ive smoked about 5 grams of this stuff by now and I've only felt bad once. I think its all in people's head, if you can't handle being this high simply don't smoke it. Some stuff is a lot more potent then others and takes 1 hit to get you baked. If you have a bad trip I recommend stepping outside and getting some air it helps believe it or not. I love the Raptor incense I've been sitting here toking on my bowl for hours now and I feel fine.