Music Monday 10.11.10

Allow me to scream this from the top of my lungs: LOST IN THE TREES.

Saturday night me and my boyfriend Amanze were downtown hanging out, when we noticed all these people going in the same place with a gaggle of instruments. Naturally, we're thinking wtf is going on up there. So we go in.

The venue was this really dope restaurant/hang out spot that sold exclusive tea and had hookah (which we smoked up with the quickness.) Three bands were scheduled to perform that night. Two of the bands were Elf Power and Lost in the Trees.

Im telling yal, when LITT started playing, ish jumped to a whole 'nother level. You ever hear music that is so good that it makes you want to either cry, scream, or just start fighting random people in the crowd for no damn reason? Yea, it was that type of good lol. Because as soon we heard that violin, it was curtains for everyone in the room.
Honestly though, I was genuinely blown to smithereens. At our show they had like 3 guitars, a french horn, drums, a tambourine, a violin, and the sweetest sounding lead singer (but in videos its like an additional baby orchestra and brass section). They sound great on their cd's, but still sound so much better live.

Their newest cd is called "All Alone in an Empty House" (2010). You should definitely check it out this awesome group from North Carolina.

Here are a couple tunes from the newest cd:

All Alone in an Empty House

Walk Around the Lake
(just imagine hearing this live...blown!)

Don't you just love indie music?


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