Mizzou Homecoming 2010

I am in a state of utter jealousy right now (which rarely happens.) I am so mad that I can't be in Columbia this weekend for Mizzou Homecoming. I swear the entire time I was in undergrad, homecoming was so whack! The first year, the Kappa party got shut down before we even made it there; the second year, I dont even remember homecoming; the third year, the party was ratchett as all get out, and equally hot as hell; and last year, we didn't even wanna participate in homecoming at all! We ended up going to a party that was fun only because we felt like we were celebrating our departure from Mizzou lol, and we wanted to make the most out of it.

Really though, whenever homecoming came around, we always wanted to go somewhere else; like Chicago or back to St. Louis. I think one of the major reasons I wanted to go to homecoming this year was because I moved to the East coast. I haven't seen my homies in forever, and homecoming would be a dope excuse to come back, catch up with friends, and get chocolate wasted. PLUS College Game Day is at Mizzou?! And we're straight undefeated?! UN-FAIR. lol

AND: Did you know Mizzou started the tradition of homecoming?

"The University of Missouri started the tradition of Homecoming in 1911 when MU football coach and Director of Athletics Chester Brewer invited former students to "come home" to Columbia, Mo, for the annual football game between the University of Missouri and the University of Kansas. There are other schools that claim to have the first homecoming…in 1908, 1909 or 1910 depending upon whom you listen to, but there is no doubt that the Mizzou homecoming tradition was born in 1911!

This tradition has spread throughout the world, but the University of Missouri still boasts the largest student-run Homecoming in the nation."

I'm really happy for Mizzou though. For keeping it tight and doing it big. And I hope the Tigers whoop all over Oklahoma this weekend. Also, it's kinda cool because Mizzou is broadcasting some homecoming festivities over the net on USTREAM. You can check it out here.

Real talk, my favorite part of MU Homecoming has got to be the tailgating. Nobody does it like MIZZOU. Ok. Allow me to jump off Mizzou's penis now lol.


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