He deserves a Mozel Tov.

Aubrey Graham Cracker aka Drake is a 2x Grammy nominated musician.
The kicker, as you may know, is that he has NOT dropped an album.

This proves:
1) He listened when I told him,"Dont change, just change the game." (click)
2) Mixtapes are the present and the future of hip-hop.
Sidenote: When will "non-urban" artists start to catch on?
3) Light-skinned never left. (click)
4) He's a muh'fuggin, killah...
5) Dont sleep on J.Cole.

P.S. #5 is completely random, lol, but I please jump on J.Cole yall!

P.P.S. I hate when some refer to black people as "urban".
We arent a region; we are a people. ha
So, I feel like a hypocrite. *Kanye shrug

P.P.P.S. Me, LMO and Drake back in March at his first ever solo U.S. concert.

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  1. I love love LOVE #5. IT MADE MY NIGHT