Music Mondays. 6.1.09

Again, Im late.
Lo siento but I have some good songs for ya'll regardless :)

I have two songs that I'm feeling hard and they could not be more different.

First pick is M83 "We Own the Sky".
My brother put me on last week and I freaking love it!

Second pick is the highly vulgar but mainly catchy "What's Up with that Pu**y?" by Juney Boobdata.
If you were with us anytime during my crazy ace weekend, this was the soundtrack and we were getting TOO hype.
It might have heard this song a thousand times but it still gets me everytime!

Jai: Did he just say 'let me inspect that pretty tooshie'? Ew.
LMo: Really Jai?! That's the part of the song you think is nasty? Wierdo.

P.S. I am in love with how he says "Juney Boomdata" at the very beginning of the song!
I rewind it over and over. I need it as a ringtone I promise. lol


My pick is Mario feat. Gucci Mane and Sean Garrett "Break Up"
I love this song!


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  1. "i was like hol' up, pump ya breaks, lemme hit you wit a question"

    my favorite F'ing line ever lol. thats my burna!!