Music Mondays. 9.21.09

1) NLT- "Better Than Me"
I first heard about NLT a minute ago in spring 2007 when they aired the making of "That Girl" on Noggin after DeGrassi.
They tried to surface a few years later, but never got big.
Sadly, they broke up back in April, but I still love this song regardless.
And this is the "unedited" version of it a.k.a these dudes can really sing!
Theyre seriously N(ot) L(ike) T(hem).

2) Passion Pit- "Sleepyhead"
This is the kinda music I love.
I heard of Passion Pit before, but this song solidified my love for them.
And I can't believe LMo actually heard this song before I did. lol
If you like this, I highly suggest listening to all their stuff. ow.

3) Mayer Hawthorne- "Maybe So, Maybe No"
Mayer Hawthorne is the cheesy alter-ego of Michigan (mid-West! ow.) hip-hop DJ, Andrew "Haircut" Cohen.
His music has this chill ass, vintage soul/R&B feel and it's dope riding/skating/if you smoke music.

3) Toro y Moi- "Talamak"
Again, this is the music I love.
And again, it's that perfect chill riding/skating/if you smoke music.
If you like what you hear, you can download Toro y Moi's remix to Washed Out's "Feel It All Around" here.
Plus, this niggy is effing adorable to me and he knows good music.
Where are they hiding these kinda boys?


1) SWV- "Rain"
Due to the rain at Mizzou and the huge flood in ATL right now...

2) Kid Cudi-"Cudi Zone"
One of my favs on the album.


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