Once she pops, she can't stop.

Okay, I just made an album on facebook dedicated to my favorite moment of the year:
Lil Mama crashing the Jay-Z performance.

I know I said I wouldnt post anymore Lil Mama related stuff but dang, she's like my Brokeback Mountain, I cant quit her. lol

More than her lipgloss is popping.
Ive just dubbed her the human Pringles:
Once she pops, she cant stop. lol


P.P.S. @vivalablackgirl #cuffhim if he found the Kanye debacle amusing and/or funny.

P.P.P.S. The shoulder shrug at the end was the best part. lol


  1. goodness gracious, i just laughed RIDICULOUSLY hard... my stomach is killing me lolol that was the highlight of my day, not even exaggerating. thank you!

  2. lmao.
    Naw we should ALL be thanking Lil Mama for having the nerve to do that.
    She is a mess!

  3. everyone destroyed lil mama... i really wonder how she feels about all this negative exposure. i bet it was worth it though, that performance was E P I C!!!! AND this cudi you got playing in the background is soooo dope! its my favorite c.d. of the year, cudi zone is my anthem.

  4. You know her face is more cracked than usual.
    She thought Jay was "vibing" with her...okay. lol

    But yeah this Cudi is ridic.
    I gotta change the song on here cause LMo doesnt like it, I guess it's back to "Pursuit of Happiness"...